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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Japanese Sex Slang

Japanese Sex Slang

Special thanks to Gerard de Nerval, Robinson Mason, Katu.U, digitboy, and Joe.

Ass Ketsu

Dembu (a politer form, analogous to the English derriere or posterior)

Shiri (politer yet, especially among women. Analogous to bottom)

Oshiro (normal use)

Anal Sex Anaru sekkusu

Asshole Ketsu no ana

Kikuza (means chrysanthemum, similar to the English term rosebud; old slang)

(As insult)
Kusottare (literally, "Shit-drip")

Kusoyarou (literally, "Shit-man")

Kora! (Rough, as in "Hey asshole!" Roll the R for more effect, and say quickly.)

Attraction Tamaranai, Tamannee (an uncontrollable compulsion)

Balls, Testicles Kintama (golden balls)

Bondage Shibari, Kinbaku

Boyfriend Boifurendo (from English); Kare (a girl's lover)

Breasts Mune, oppai, chichi

Buttocks, Buns Shippeta

Condom Gomu (from gum); Kondo-san

Cunt-print Paint india ink on a woman's cunt, and press into a piece of paper...

Dildo Baibu
Dendou-kokeshui (Almost all Japanese dildos are motorized)

Dirty Old Man Ero-jiji, Ero-oyajii

Dyke, Lez Rez

Dyke, bull Otoko onna, or "man-woman"

Enema Kancho

Erection Pin. This is a playful term. "Binbin-daze" is an affectionate name meaning "Mr. Boing Boing" in reference to a young man's penis that is always on the verge of erection.

becoming hard
Tento-wo-haru (Make his penis hard and lift up his pants like a tent.)

Expose Rosyutu-Purei

Faggot Okama
An effeminate homosexual is "neko." Neko means cat in Japanse. This word may also also mean a femme dyke. Neko yaru, or"doing cat" is a synonym for gay sex, or sometimes kinky sex between hets.

Fellatio Kyande (from candy); fera, ofera; fuefuki; shakuhachi (from old style Japanese flute)

Femdom Joken

Foot Fetishist Ahi-fechi (from fetish)

Fuck! Kuso! Used as an interjection, like "Shit!" or "Damn!"

Fuck me! Hamete chodai! (please put on)
Irete! (Insert)

Fuck me hard! Fukaku hamekonde chodai!
Uuume Mecyakucya ni shite!

Gay Gei (from English, obviously)
Bara Zoku (Rose Gang or Family)

Girlfriend Garufurendo; suke (slang)

Hardcore Hado koa (used in the gay community)

Humiliation, mild Shuchi pure

"I'm coming!" Iku...Iku!

Jerkoff Masutabeshan (from masturbation)

Kink Hentai

Lesbian Rezubian (from English)
Riri Zoku (Lili Gang or Family)

Lesbian Sex Show Rezpurei (lesbian-play, performed chiefly for Japanese cross-dressers)

Lesbian Sex Kaiawase (literally, cunt-grinding)

Lover Aijin (adulterous affair); koibito (normal use)

Masturbation, general Hitorigokko (self-play)
Hitori-ecchi (self-sex)

Masturbation, male Senzuri (a hundred rubs)
Shiko shiko

Masturbation, female Manzuri (ten thousand rubs)
Suichi o ireru (flicking the switch, or fingering a clit)
Onaru (play on onanism)

Miuri Sold herself for money (into bondage)

Penis Chinchi, chinko, chimpo, chimpoko (cute terms analogous to pecker, dick, willy, or wee-wee)

Penile exposure Furuchin (wagging penis)

Pervert Hentai
Chikan (men who fondle women on Japan's notoriously crowded commuter trains)

Prostitution Enjo kosai (money-for-sex)

Prostitute Pan-pan (used by GHQ)
Abazure (literally, "saucy old woman" but has a modern reading as a noisy slut)
Baita (means sale-woman, or whore)
Yoruno-Onna (Night-girl)
Yotaka (Nighthawk)

Pussy, Cunt Omanko, omeko, manko
Haka ("Box." This is self explanatory. A local slang.)

Rape Gokan

Raunchy Eroi (from erotic); echi (From H, the first letter of hentai.)

Scat games Unko pure (I think the pure comes from English play)
Ogan pure (Ogan = gold, sometimes this is the color of excrement.)

Schoolgirl Kogal. A "high school gal" who is willing to trade sex for money.
Jyogakusei. A normal schoolgirl.

Sex Ecchi (again from "H.")

Sex Tape Ero kasetto

Sex Slave Joro (woman sold into prostituition)

Sixty-nine Ainame
Shikusu-nine (from English)

Slut Yariman. Means "Doing-it Manko" or "10,000 time doing-it." Well known as one of the dirtiest words in Japan. Unlikely to see in print.

Spank Oshiri o butsu/tataku (normal use)
Ketu-bann (ass-bang)
Shiri-tataki (hit ass)

Stud Iro otoko

Training (sexual) Chokyo

Transexual Futanari

Tits Chichi

Tit-fuck Paizuri

Urine shower, facial Gan-men Shawaa

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