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Monday, July 18, 2011


Chase takes off with customer’s livelihood, does nothing for a year [video]


When a bank issues a cashier’s check, a customer should be pretty secure in going to that bank to cash it, right? Wrong, in the case of twenty-eight-year-old construction worker, who has waited a year for any acknowledgement from Chase Bank of the mistake that cost him his car, his job, and his dignity.

Ikenna Njoku was riding high after buying his first home and the car of his dreams, but all that came to a screeching halt when Chase accused him of the felony of trying to pass a fraudulent check, a check they had issued, then didn’t bother taking the steps necessary to release him from prison once they realized their mistake. During those five days in prison, Njoku lost his car and job, and it took a lawyer and plenty of national media attention to get any acknowledgement of their mistake a year after the incident took place.

The two parties have reached an agreement, though details aren’t available at this time regarding its terms.

Full story at King5 via Consumerist.

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