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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sony PlayStation 3 rumored to be jailbroken yet again

Sony PlayStation 3 rumored to be jailbroken yet again

Posted: 20 Oct 2011 11:34 PM PDT

Reports have surfaced today of a new PlayStation 3 jailbreak titled “JB2,” according to Eurogamer.

Rumors recently began spreading throughout Indonesia that a USB dongle was being used to play bootleg copies of PlayStation 3 games. We contacted a Sony representative, who replied saying the company is looking into the hack and has no further comment.

Sony, maker of the PlayStation, has seen its fair share of security issues with its popular gaming console and corresponding network. In mid-April 2011, hackers took down the Sony PlayStation Network for a total of six weeks, leaving players angered at Sony’s response time and communication about the security breech. Involved hackers stole private user information including a rumored 10 million credit card numbers. But the jailbreak that “JB2″ follows came even before this attack.

In early April of the same year, a young hacker named George “Geohot” Hotz circumvented the security system and distributed jailbreak software allowing users to play unauthorized games on their PlayStation 3 consoles. Sony found Hotz and entered litigation, which eventually ended up in a settlement. The jailbreak was thought to be a product of hacker collective Anonymous’ inspiration. The group was later also blamed for the Sony PlayStation Network outage, but denied involvement.

The “JB2″ is said to be a USB drive dongle that connects to the PlayStation 3. When the console is rebooted, it takes on the presence of a developer device from which the dongle can insert its code. When the process is complete, unauthorized games can be played on the machine. Games released after the 3.6 PlayStation update, however, cannot be played from the hard drive and must come in the form a bootleg Blu-ray disc, which the machine reads as authorized.

The confirmation of the hack comes from a gaming forum titled, “PS360 Crunch.” According to the post, the dongle will cost $45 with the following games available for immediate play: FIFA 2012, PES 2012, Driver San Francisco, God of War Origins, X-Men Destiny, and Sniper Ghost Warrior. More games are expected as well as instructions on how to create your own discs.

The hack has not yet been officially confirmed by Sony, but a video of the dongle has surfaced.


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