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Monday, November 28, 2011

Badass Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper Costumes

Check out these great costume made carbon fiber stormtrooper costumes! These bad boys were created by Leonard Carson, an engineering technician for San Diego Composites. He recruited three of his co-workers, and they went to work on making their dreams of a carbon fiber stormtrooper costume come true. These things actually turned out pretty freakin' awesome!

The President at their company, San Diego Composites, actually loved this idea and was extremely supportive of the entire project. Leonard said, “He actually wants one to display in our lobby! After the last finished part we talked to him about how much time and money we’ve spent and he did a cost calculation according to our company’s standards. He came up with the cost to cover the time and materials, tooling and 4 complete suits. We’re lucky he didn’t do the calculations ahead of time haha.. we never would’ve started.” While we can’t say the actual amount that was been spent to produce these suits, lets just say you can optionally purchase a pretty nice car as an alternative.

Those are some pretty expensives costumes! I wonder if we will even see any of these original four suits walking around comic-con in the future. Check out the photos below and tell us what you think!

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