When the gods dance...

Monday, December 24, 2012


I'm not a believer. I'm an agnostic. I wish I could believe. My problem is not that Science has liberated me from my "primitive" beliefs. I've never seen a conflict between science and belief in God. No, my issue is that I have not seen the promise of Jesus evidenced in the world man has created. 2,000 years and there is as much violence, killing, greed and cold, calculated self-interest as ever...more so, because Science has made it all more efficient and acceptable. The Old Testament still rules.

The birth of Jesus and the New Testament code of life was, by any standard, an amazing happening. I truly believe in the New Testament's message of compassion and love. Life here on Earth would be a utopia if we all followed the guidance in the New Testament and other documents that seek to liberate humankind from self-made darkness and evil.

We have created this world, not God. Having said this I'll share with you a liturgical song that still moves my soul. In our church it was sung at Communion, when all shared the body of Christ. The full boys and mens choir always sang this at High Mass on Christmas. The performance is as close as I could find to the sound of our choir's performance.

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