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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Innocents

This image represents to me the most important and positive learning to be taken from the recent marathon bombing bloodbath and the multitude of compassionless killing events that preceded it, including acts of war.

The killing and maiming of children is particularly painful to me.  I've seen lots of death and am generally emotionally guarded when faced with violent adult deaths.  But children....  I look into the innocent eyes of this latest victim and am overwhelmed by the innocence, genuine honesty, and openness that radiate from his inner being.  I cry abundantly when I look at this photo and all it represents:  a sincere plea for all of us to stop the hurting and seek peace.  What happens?  This innocent is cut to pieces.  So many blameless children all over the world are being murdered and hurt by government as well as money-driven and/or religious ideologues. I weep for all of them.  But weeping changes nothing.  At best, however, painful emotions can lead to positive action.  Worse case, one becomes immobile and depressed.

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