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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Looking Ahead to the Information Age in 1985: AT&T Archives

A semi-futurist film about the growth and potential of computers and communications combining in The Information Age. The film puts forth that developments like digital television, speech recognition, and speedy networks might combine in ways to help humanity that wasn't believed possible before the 1980s.

This 1985 film contains an early use of the term "information superhighway" — the origins of the term are still unclear. Al Gore claims to have used the term "information highway" in a presentation around 1978, artist Nam Jun Paik referred to a "superhighway" of data back in 1974, and Ralph Lee Smith's book on cable television from 1972 used the term "electronic communications highway" in the subtitle. But, until we digitize every piece of print and voice matter for the 20th century, this reference, from Newsweek in 1983, may have to stand as the earliest specific reference (and yes, it is entirely about AT&T's largest 1980s projects):

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