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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Overcoming Corporatism: Nader on 2012 Race, Wisconsin Recall, Attack on Pensions & the Supreme Court

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As the presidential race heats up, the focus is increasingly on the nation’s slow economic recovery. Last week, President Obama was widely criticized for saying the private sector is "doing fine," while Mitt Romney attacked public sector unions by calling for fewer teachers, firefighters and police officers. We talk to Ralph Nader about the 2012 election and the lessons of last week’s victory by Scott Walker, governor of what Nader dubbed "Wis-Koch-sin." Nader says, "Walker has not made one move to get rid of billions of dollars of corporate welfare that have been layered into Wisconsin laws for the last 50 years. ... Nobody is raising that, because the Democratic Party is not a party that people can rely on to defend the country against the most craven, cruel, ignorant, indentured-to-corporatism Republican Party in history. That’s the problem." Nader also looks ahead at the Supreme Court’s upcoming rules on healthcare and Arizona’s anti-immigrant law. [includes rush transcript]

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