It’s easy to mock but when you get hooked and fall in love with a TV show, it’s easy to forget sometimes that the props and sets are just that, and for most of the actor’s it’s only a job. And perhaps that applies more to Star Trek than any other show with it’s huge obsessive fan base. Therefore, when you see something iconic like the Enterprise Bridge from Star Trek The Next Generation, sitting dismantled and broken by some bins, it can tug the heartstrings.

That explains why a non profit group called the ‘Project Enterprise Restoration’ spent last week negotiating with Paramount to be allowed to save what was left of the Enterprise D Bridge from being destroyed and sent to the tip.

This replica of the bridge was built in the mid 1990′s by Paramount with the help of Production Designer Herman Zimmerman and the Okuda’s to be put on display, after the TV set was destroyed in Star Trek Generations. But in 2011, ‘Project Enterprise Restoration’ was formed when they found out that Paramount was getting ready to scrap the set. They also found that not only did it contain some original elements, most of the set was made from fiberglass so it had survived quite well having been neglected for so long.

On their Facebook page, the ’Project Enterprise Restoration’ group make the following statement;

”A highly skilled group of Hollywood professionals are in the process of completely restoring this set to it’s original splendor, and MAKE IT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for Meetings, Movie Showings, Fund Raisers, Tours, Filming, anything!! Eventually, we will be doing a KICKSTARTER Campaign, but only after we have the estimates of restoration PLUS the support and STAR TREK ACTORS plus famous fans of the show.”

Apparently, Jean Luc Picard’s Captain’s Chair is the first item being refurbished and being restored with real leather like it was on the show. The group hope that once it is complete in October 2012, it will prompt others to donate money to the project. Once the set is complete, they hope to make it available to the public.

You can see pictures of their salvage below.