When the gods dance...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I tell you, folks, I feel I'm drowning in bullshit these days. Wall Street = bull shit. "Home Preservation Specialists" who forge documents to grab my home = organized corporate bullshit. Politics = really stinky bullshit. And the worst 
of all, friends who turn their backs on you when you're down and out because they feel "impotent to have a positive impact on (your) life at this time" = massively disgusting new age bullshit. Presumably if you survive their love "erections" will return; if you die, well, impact no longer needed:) Such bullshit. But some days I think even the gods feel they can't have a positive impact on my life at this time. If not now, when? I didn't use to have friends like this. One old friend from the East Coast came into town recently for a seminar and spent her one free day taking Bart and Muni from Berkeley to Ocean Beach to spend a couple of hours with Joey and I. Most of my SF friends have been impotent for years.

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