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Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's New! It's Via 22! A Global Campaign that starts Locally.

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October 2011
A new global monthly campaign began this week!

It is modeled on the next steps of thesuccessful student anti-austerity movement in Quebec which ousted the government, repealed an anti-protest law and stopped tuition increases. This movement organized through building networks in universities, then leafletting in the streets,then marching regularly in the Casseroles marches, then creating neighborhood assemblies and now: Via 22! They are encouraging people around the globe to organize monthly marches on the 22nd day of each month.

Choose your local issue. Perhaps a different one each month. The difference from a typical march, is that you are encouraged to hold a discussion after the march on the issue and you can share your photos, videos and more on the new global website

Why is this important? One of the organizers gives us a few reasons:
1. "The reason why the monthly action is an excellent strategy (and why it's gotten a lot of interest in other countries) is because of the repetitive aspect, and we like to describe it as a kind of process.  We've observed here in Quebec that it serves as a training ground for activists.  Over the course of the last year, participants in the marches have become increasingly disciplined, intelligent in their actions, and extremely creative."
2. "
Although our actions have taken the form of mass-marches, we want to stress that they can be any kind of action, big or small.  We think we can get the snowball going by asking people to hold very simple actions (even if it's just a single person holding a sign) and sharing on the internet.  This way we can show that people in a variety of locations are interested and participating."
 "We really want to introduce the discussion period as a fresh new addition to the standard protest.  One way in which these discussion periods can happen is by holding what we like to call "mini-occupations".  Our local march on Monday will end at a square where there will be workshops, a popular kitchen, and live music."
4. "
We would also host monthly mass-teleconferences (possibly on the 11th of each month and possibly using the Mumble platform) where people can share their experiences, information about their local causes and plans for the following month.  The goal of these teleconferences would be to offer a chance for networking and to build international solidarity for the project."

If you are inspired by this idea, give it a try in your community. You can join organizing calls on InterOccupy.net. And we will speak with 2 of the organizers from Quebec on"Clearing the FOG" Radio Show on Monday, Nov. 5th.

On Saturday, Nov. 3rd, the Occupy Portland and the Portland Action Lab are calling for a National Day of Action against Austerity, "Enough is Enough!" Regardless of whom is elected on Election Day, austerity measures are coming at a time when poverty continues to grow. Join the national day of mobilization!

The most recent victory comes from the Criminal Injustice Movement that has been targeting Wells Fargo for their investment in Geo Group, the second largest private prison corporation. Today it was announced that Wells Fargo divested a majority of its stock in Geo. Congratulations and keep the heat on! Plans are to continue to push for full divestment, and remember that Wells Fargo was also a big player in the sub-prime mortgage crisis

Veterans for Peace board member, Tarak Kauff, is facing time in jail for taking a stand with the Veteran Peace Team in the Viet Nam Veteran Memorial Plaza in NYC on May 1. He was arrested there again on Oct. 7, the 11th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan. He wrote to Mayor Bloomberg and Police Chief Kelly this week to ask them who they serve and protect.

And finally, political comedian Lee Camp travelled to the Cayman Islands to investigate corporate tax-havens. You can follow his findings at OperationCaymans.com.

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