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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Creators Project | James Powderly and EyeWriter

Can you briefly explain how the EyeWriter works?
Basically there’s a camera pointed at the user’s eye. The user calibrates his or her head with respect to a screen. Then parameters like brightness and contrast must be adjusted in order to isolate the pupil. The camera tracks the motion of the user’s pupil as it moves around looking at the screen, and the drawing surface and the pupil are coordinated together. When the user focuses on a certain position it makes a point and then the user can drag the line in order to create a line and then create shapes. Then the user can create a number of letters, combine them all together to make a word, and then do things like add 3D effects, shading, drop shadows, change colors, and fill in the background. In the final mode of the software you can actually save your drawings and then upload them to our servers. Right now Tony Quan is the only EyeWriter but hopefully we’ll be able to get a few more and add stuff to the network. I think it gets more interesting with more users. The network effect is hard at work here.

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