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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Secret Online Weapons Store That’ll Sell Anyone Anything

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  1. I'm increasingly disgusted with the "public discussion" of our gun "problems" fueled and structured by the administration. Green ribbons and other chachkas. Songs. Manipulative use of grieving relatives and friends. Iconic American politics.

    One problem is that guns are truly financial opportunities. The United States is the world's largest weapons exporter, followed by Russia. Many weapons are born here; they don't have to be smuggled accross borders for illegal sale. Follow the money.

    The "civilian" mass shootings are outliers and constitute a pathetic fraction of killings by guns in this country. Most deaths by guns occur on the streets of our cities where the pistol is the weapon of choice, not the assault rifle. Street criminals do not go to a gun store to purchase weapons for illegal actions. They buy them from other street criminals who obtain these products from a variety of sources: including straw purchases where someone else buys the gun for you; purchases through licensed but corrupt gun dealers; and a growing number of creative outlets on the internet (see article) including 3D printing.

    I understand the big Obama gun control proposals include ban on assault rifles, limits to magazine size, and more thorough, national background checks. None of these proposals addresses street gun violence. Politics. I am passionately behind keeping weapons away from street criminals but I haven't heard anyone offer a program that goes after the sources of criminal weaponry. All I see are useless prohibitions that make it more difficult for honest citizens to purchase and own weapons but do nothing to keep guns from violent hands.