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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Psy-Trance, You Are Not Safe

Dear Psy-Trance, You Are Not Safe

01 - Phaging The Infected -
02 - Jacqueline The Ripoff - Boys Are The Ones That Love Girls That Love Dj's
03 - Testicle Crisis - 178 Bees Per Minute
04 - Spiritual Van Halen - Fund Business
05 - Jesus Christ - Turning Water Into Pepsi (And Pepsi Into Money)
06 - Shpungl - Shpungl Shpungl Shpungl

It is time to slay some sacred cows with Dear Psy-Trance, You Are Not Safe, a mysterious release by an artist who wishes to remain anonymous. Taking aim at several “heroes” of the psytrance world (including Infected Mushroom, Michele Adamson, Simon Posford, and Skazi), this provocative and experimental album sizzles and crackles with madcap beats, twisted sound design, and satirical sample manipulations, all delivered at a frantic pace that may leave some listeners confused and bewildered. Unsurprisingly, this is not an album that takes itself seriously; it is clearly designed to get a rise out of some people and bemuse others. A word or two from the liner notes: “A very special thanks to the infiltration of capitalism into the world of psychedelic trance. Money is the first thing you find useless when you are in a true psychedelic state, then ego… then pants.”

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