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Friday, June 24, 2011

Vancouver kiss video reveals the truth at last

Vancouver kiss video reveals the truth at last

Couple were knocked down by charging riot police, leaving man to comfort his injured girlfriend

LAST UPDATED 8:48 AM, JUNE 24, 2011

New video footage of the infamous 'Vancouver kiss' has at last provided a definitive explanation for the enigmatic photograph of a man and a woman apparently embracing in the centre of the road during a riot following a Stanley Cup hockey game earlier this month.

The picture caught the imagination of the world after it was reproduced on this website and many others, prompting the question: why would a couple lie down and kiss in the middle of a riot?

The footage (above), newly uploaded to YouTube, shows exactly what happened: the couple are at the front of a crowd of people and bear the brunt of a police charge. As they fall to the ground they are struck by shields and batons, before the officers move on, leaving the man to comfort the woman, who is crying in pain.

The couple have since been identified as Australian comedian Scott Jones and his Canadian girlfriend Alex Thomas.

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