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Tuesday, September 20, 2011




Photos taken by an anon friend in NYC of the continuing protests on Wall Street. The reactions of /b/tards is varied, but many of those going to "top drawer" colleges mentioned they now have bottom drawer prospects in life. They've been living in denial and now they're motivated to hit the streets.


I've been thinking what would be the quickest route to the change we want? Another 4 years of Obama? Or, say, a Perry/Bachmann presidency? Even Paul. Blue chip grads would perhaps enjoy libertarian freedom to smoke weed in the streets but, hell, they be livin' in the streets 'cause social security-less mom and pop won't be able to afford to keep them:) For the rest, the hard-working souls who make America, perhaps they'll finally wake up and shut the country down to show who the man/woman. An old tactic. When reason fails, turn up the oppression so that folks are so miserable they have to act. In the USA that's quite a chore, eh?

If I were Wall Street I'd start buying off Americans ASAP. Mortgage relief. Stuff. Nice autos. JOBS. But these elites are fools it seems.


Check out the fierce bald cop to the left. To his right we see on the NYPD police car "...alsim." Certainly a symbol for the power of capit..alism. :D Actually, the new NYPD livery includes CPR on the rear doors: Courage; Professionalism; and Respect. Indeed.


Another very old friend of mine can be seen in the upper right hand corner (bald with beard) messing with a phone. He didn't take these pictures. What a small world or...another one of my peers who didn't sell out. Founded the first gay S&M organization in the country. Has written several novels. Economics, University of Chicago.


Protest Pigeons!!! Go birds. Bomb the beemers:)

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