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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Anonymous Analytics

Anonymous launches Analytics research branch


Hacktivist collective Anonymous has branched out with a spin-off research unit dedicated to producing investigative reports designed to expose corrupt companies.
Anonymous Analytics has its own web site which includes a contact form and a drop box secured with AES-256 bit encryption designed to encourage tip-offs.
"Anonymous Analytics, a faction of Anonymous, has moved the issue of transparency from the political level to the corporate level," said a statement on the site.
"To this end, we use our unique skill sets to expose companies that practise poor corporate governance and are involved in large-scale fraudulent activities."
According to Anonymous, the Analytics team includes "analysts, forensic accountants, statisticians, computer experts, and lawyers from various jurisdictions and backgrounds", all working to expose corruption.
The group said that all research will be fact-checked and vetted before publishing. The first report details Hong Kong-based Chinese agricultural firm Chaoda Modern Agriculture, which Anonymous accuses of having an "extensive history of deceiving investors and shareholders".
It's certainly a lengthy and ostensibly well-researched report. If the group keeps up the same level of scrutiny and commitment, it may well have greater success bringing corrupt organisations to account than by more controversial methods such as DDoS and hacking attacks.

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