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Monday, April 30, 2012

Suicide surfers

Suicide surfers: Adrenaline junkies risk their lives trying to ride a wave perilously close to a pier off the Cornish south coast

By Phil Vinter


Surfers are known for going to extreme lengths in search of that perfect wave, but these adrenaline junkies really pushed things to the limit when they risked their lives off the south coast of Cornwall.

While many were bemoaning the heavy rainfalls and high winds this pair of daredevils took to the sea.

In flippers and a wetsuit the daring duo paddled their boogie boards to within just a few metres of a pier as high winds generated huge swells in the cold waters.

These pictures capture the moment a huge wave reminds the pair of the power of nature by throwing them up in the air as it sweeps through before hitting the pier.

The dramatic photos show just how lucky the pair were to avoid being smashed into the nearby wall.


Gnarly: A surfer is thrown into the air as he is hit by a wave dangerously close to the pier off the South Cornwall coast


Rough and tumble: As a wave crashes into the pier this boogie boarder risks his life. As he is thrown several metres into the air he loses control of the board before plummeting back down to the sea


Watch out: The crazy surfer is dwarfed by a huge wave as it batters against the pier. He was lucky to get away unscathed


Complete madness! The pair were prepared to paddle dangerously close to the sea wall as the waves took control yesterday

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