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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fannie/Freddie, Housing & One Big Party!

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:: ¡Pachanga/Party! :: Next Week! ::
Time to Clean House at Fannie & Freddie

Margarita Ramirez, is one of the thousands of people impacted by bad Freddie/Fannie policies across the country. She is featured in a Fault Lines documentary "For Sale: The American Dream” and is one of several Causa Justa members traveling to Los Angeles as part of the Right To the City Congress http://www.righttothecity.org/ and Fannie Mae action this week.

The documentary, produced by Anjali Kamat, is especially timely as RTTC is part of a national campaign “Fannie/Freddie99” with actions kicking off in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and locally in Los Angeles on September 12.

In LA, there will be a “Clean House” rally in front of the Fannie Mae office in Pasadena. Check out some of the stories of people who have been affected by the policies of Fannie & Freddie in service of the 1%, here, and add yours!

Here is the hashtag for the actions across the country --  Follow us @rightcity  https://twitter.com/ourcity with #fffighters and #cleanhouse99 and here is the RTTC Facebook page and don't forget to follow us on our FB page and Twitter as well!

Headed to DC: Meeting With Officials About Housing Crisis

Meanwhile, our Executive Director, Maria Poblet is headed to the White House next week with folks from other housing organizations across the nation to meet with top administration officials on the housing crisis in the U.S. She’ll tell them about our coordinated national campaign with RTTC to take Fannie and Freddie to task for their policies of greed that are making thousands of families homeless and Wall Street even richer. They refuse to modify loans to match homes real value and refuse to accept people’s rent.

Residents get put out on the street while banks get paid for each foreclosure and properties get sold to investors in bulk. We work with these homeowners and renters every day when they come to us at their wits end. Together, we’ll make sure that the Administration knows that the people demand principal reductions for underwater homeowners, an end to foreclosure evictions, and a moratorium on the sale of foreclosed properties to investment firms!

Every Barrio… on Every Block.. ORGANIZE!

Our national movement-building work would be impossible without our deep roots right here in the Bay Area.  Will you join us for our Puentes/Bridges Big Party on Thursday, September 20?  After many hard-won victories, and with such an inspiring crew of member leaders, we are ready to celebrate.

Our big party is NEXT WEEK!, and tickets have been selling faster than tamales after church! 

Don’t miss out - buy your ticket now! 

Thursday, September 20th, 6:00-9:00pm

Islamic Cultural Center - 1433 Madison St., Oakland

We would love to share this special evening with you. Please join us in celebrating our member leaders and highlighting victories won with an inspiring program hosted by Hard Knock Radio’s Davey D, including live performances by Loco Bloco, African Roots of Jazz, and Favi!

Fannie & Freddie

Going to the White House

Party With Us!

We are always looking for volunteers to help us with everything from campaign research to driving members to and from meetings. Join the team! >>

You can email us at PO Box 3596, Oakland, CA 94609PO Box 3596
Oakland, CA 94609

Es Hora de Limpieza de Casa en Fannie y Freddie

Margarita Ramírez, una de las miles de personas impactadas por las malas políticas de Freddie/Fannie en todo el país.  Ella figura en el documental de Fault Lines (Fracturas de Pobreza – Líneas de Fallas) "En Venta: El Sueño Americano” y es una de los miembros de Causa Justa que esta viajando esta semana a Los Ángeles como parte del Congreso del Derecho a la Ciudad y de la acción contra Fannie Mae. 

El documental, producido por Anjali Kamat, es oportuno considerando que Derecho a la Ciudad forma parte de la campaña “Fannie/Freddie99” con acciones lanzándose en Atlanta, Chicago, Nueva York y localmente en Los Ángeles el 12 de septiembre.

En LA, habrá una manifestación llamada “Limpieza de Casa” en frente de la oficina de Fannie Mae en Pasadena. Echa un vistazo aquí a algunas de las historias de las personas que han sido afectadas por las políticas de Fannie y Freddie en servicio del 1%, y ¡agrega la tuya! 

Aquí esta la hashtag para las acciones a través del país – Sígenos @rightcity  https://twitter.com/ourcity 

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