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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Occupy Anniversary: FORECLOSURE FIGHTER LIST OF ACTIONS Sept 17th 12pm in San Francisco

Occupy Anniversary: Foreclosure Fighter Action Plans

Monday, Sept. 17th

ACCE*Occupy Bernal*Occupy Noe




Occupy Senior Homes: San Francisco War Memorial –NOON

Press Conference and Rally


Our most vulnerable population, seniors, have been targeted by predatory lending. In many cases, veterans, men and women that have fought for our country, are at risk of losing their homes.

Donald (89 years old) and Tina Baird – (Chase victims) World War II veteran at risk of losing their home the first week of Oct.

Robert Moses (92 Years Old) – Homeward Residential, formerly American Home Mortgage. Mr. Moses continued to pay his mortgage until it doubled in payment last year.

Ben (86 years old) and Irma Reed - Wells Fargo World War II, Former Tuskegee Air Man: Wells Fargo kept missing paperwork. They are facing a sale date.

And several seniors fighting to keep their homes.


Occupy Chase: Chasing Away the American Dreams

Direct Action immediately after the press conference

Action to demand Chase work with homeowners for AFFORDABLE modifications and a stop to pending sale dates.


"We Are NOT Garbage, Peter Briger" Fortress Investment/Nationstar 8 Action

2:30pm in Front of Hyatt where Spear and Market Intersect

Nationstar, now one of the largest servicing companies, continues to refuse to work with homeowners. Foreclosure Fighters have stopped the evictions of Denise Collins, Kim Mitchell, but we still need to make sure that Fortress, which own 77% of Nationstar, create real modification reforms. According to their CEO, Peter Briger, the loans that they’re servicing is like “collecting garbage.”


Occupy Our Debt – EVERYONE 5pm at 555 California

Close to a trillion dollars was given to Wall Street to bail banks out of a crisis they created while everyone people – students, homeowners, everyone – are suffering under the burden of Wall Street debt. The 99% are coming together to show the 1% what we think of that!!!




For more information, call Grace at ACCE 415 377 6872 or email at gmartinez@calorganize.org





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