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Monday, January 14, 2013



"As far as the “digital divide” is concerned, the smartphone is something of a unique product in the history of personal technology. ...it is the obvious choice for members of any economic class to adopt as the most ounce-for-ounce efficient and economic answer to how to get connected in an era where connectivity is — after food, water and shelter — an almost universal top priority."  From the folks at Salon.com, the apostles of the iLife:   "Smart Phone Bust Up the Digital Divide" by Andrew Leonard http://www.salon.com/2013/01/11/smartphones_bust_up_the_digital_divide

Wow.  Smartphone connectivity more important than, say, clothing (iLife people are nude!!?), health care, education, love, freedom, music...anything that isn't a basic sustainable (cool term, eh?).  Maslow, Max-Neef and the rest posit pre-tech "needs hierarchies."  In the iLife, Connectivity is all.  The smart phone will break down socio-economic barriers and inaugurate an era of peace through connectivity. Feels like, sounds like, religion but, hey, this is not pie in the sky but, rather, a gold-diggers paradise on earth.  Segue.

Problem is, we would have to get a smart phone, with network, into the hands of everyone, including the impoverished and lower classes.  Hell, I just saw a report on an "average" American family of four that spends over $300 a month on smart phones and wireless access.  Car payment level expenditure.  How can we make this expensive Connectivity available to all humankind (while at the same time generating epic profits for the smart phone industry Salon.com shills for)?

After reflecting on the top priority Connectivity enjoys in the new iLife hierarchy of needs, it makes abundant sense that the smart phone and network be considered an Entitlement.  As the ad man writes:  "You should have the freedom...the freedom to share, access and enjoy your digital content in the palm of your hands."   Forget about health care, education, and other pre-connectivity needs.  Funnel those wasted dollars into Connectivity for all.  Imagine.  Imagine all the people.  Connected.  Twitter one liners.  Targeted product delivery.  24/7 monitoring by your local authorities, providing absolute security.  A Master's in Technology in three weeks on YouTube. 
My heart is racing.  My mind is aching.  The possibilities.

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