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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Boy Scouts Want YOU -- To Weigh In


It finally looks like the Boy Scouts of America are seriously considering changing policy on inclusion of openly gay scouts and troops. BSA is actively soliciting feedback from the general public. The link below will provide you with options to communicate with the organization. I am an Eagle Scout and member of the Order of the Arrow. And I'm gay. I returned my Eagle Scout medal a few months ago with a letter supporting gay scouts who were fighting for change. It hurt me to do this. I loved scouting and would have been happy to have worked with a Troop as an openly gay adult. This was not to be, of course. We must work harder than ever right now to make these opportunities available to those who wish to continue in scouting and, most of all, to the young gays who seek acceptance into the fraternity of scouting.

Administrators for the Boy Scouts of America want to get people's general opinion on whether the organization should accept openly gay troops and members.

According to GLAAD, calls to the BSA's National Service desk (972-580-2330) ask callers, "Are you for or against the change in policy?" Emails can also be sent to nationsupportcenter@scouting.org.

The call for feedback comes as the Boy Scouts national board of directors will vote on the policy at its meeting next week. GLAAD is also urging people to spread the word on the Scouts' call for feedback through social media.

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