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Monday, January 7, 2013

A Year of Growing Global Justice

Because a sustainable future depends on the people willing to see the truth for what it is, and for those to stand up in unison in order to make a difference.

— Jake Edward Keli'i Eakin

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October 2011

This is our last newsletter of 2012. We want to thank all who have continued the work of protesting corporate greed and building the just and democratic society that places the needs of people and the planet above profit. And we want to wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!

For some fun, we want to share this music video by the Austerity All Stars and another video of a Code Pink protest of American Tax Evaders in the Cayman Islands. And here is a powerful video slide show of a recent protest of violence called "Will we take a different path?"

If you haven't seen this yet, the Partnership for Civil Justice recently acquired FBI documents which show that the Occupy Movement was treated as a potential terrorist group despite the clear calls for nonviolent action. Occupy Atlanta recently discovered through court proceedings that they were deeply infiltrated by Homeland Security during their occupation last year.

Some sad news to share: A church in Brooklyn that was being used as an Occupy Sandy hub suffered damage from a suspicious fire last weekend. Volunteers spent the day before the fire wrapping gifts for children affected by Superstorm Sandy. Occupy Sandy continues to feed and assist people daily. For more information on how you can help, visit the Occupy Sandy hub.

In Canada, a new movement called "Idle No More" that is led by First Nation peoples is spreading across the country. Atiwapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence is on an open-ended hunger strike to protest recent laws that were passed which will leave waterways unprotected and make it easier for native land to be stolen. Last week, supporters held flash mob round dances at malls and open spaces throughout Canada and in the US.

And in India, the recent brutal rape of a 23-year old woman sparked mass protests against the culture of rape and actions by the government and courts which enable this culture. Violent sexual assault is viewed as a 'public sport' in some parts of India and takes place in public areas such as moving buses. Police in New Delhi used water cannons against the peaceful protesters. 

This reminds us that the US military also tolerates a culture of rape. A lawsuit against the Department of Defense that recently went public has brought out hundreds more cases.

This past year we have seen people across the planet rising up to end injustice and build a culture of solidarity. We live in an exciting time. We look forward to continuing and growing these efforts in 2013.

In peace and solidarity,
October 2011/ Occupy Washington DC

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