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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Consumerism, your "job" and the necessary end of your world as you know it.

Consumerism, your "job" and the necessary end of your world as you know it.


Westerners-particularly Americans-are trained consumers, from cradle to grave, we are indoctrinated and trained to be consumers, and it is a branch of fundamentalist philosophy, whose tentacles reach far and wide into all aspects of human existence, consumerism is the-my Way or the Highway-intended to produce a condition of social stratification and inequality, and it is so deeply ingrained in Americans, as to be sacrosanct, that is to say, that the vast majority of Americans have been so conditioned to equate personal happiness with how much "stuff" they can acquire (most of it in real terms totally useless bullshit) that they never stop attempting to do so.

There is nothing wrong with owning things, even SOME nice things, but when it becomes the be-all and end-all of one's existence, you end up with the society we have today, a largely uninformed yet increasingly narcissistic pathology, with greater and greater emphasis on ME, and fuck everyone else (which of course includes the Earth's environment the only one we have) as should be self evident, such a mass of humanity with this kind of value system, inexorably leads to continual wars and genocide.

If you take into account the utterly endless bombardment of advertising that people receive daily, and have since they were born, is completely understandable-and predictable-why the world seems as crazy as it does, it's because it is. In one of the great DVD documentaries on social manipulation indoctrination that I have, a unofficial study of late elementary and early middle school children illustrated the point quite well, they were shown pictures of very famous Americans, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein etc, the vast majority of those kids did not know who these people were, but when shown a picture of Ronald McDonald, they knew, without hesitation, who it was, it is very clear who the plutocrats want our children to recognize, and to instill as early as possible brand recognition in the future generations of consumers, eat, shit and reproduce, (consuming as much is possible of course) is the only future plans (except for military service) for our children- in a plutocracy, this is the status quo, no mystery, no complexity it's how it works.

The vast majority of Americans are controlled, mesmerized by consumerism to the point, that any of the few who recognize this unsustainable insanity for what it is, are quickly ostracized, and declared "UN-American", and in turn suffer the consequences of such marginalization, the "system" has zero tolerance for non-conformity, the legions of homeless (men women and children) the US prison "Justice" system, (one of the top if not THE top) growth industries in America, combined with Wal-Mart as our number one employer, stands as testament to this unfortunate truth.

Telling people to be intelligent and rational in their decisions as consumers under the current existing paradigm, is like taking an alcoholic, putting them in a fully stocked bar, locking the doors, and then explaining to them that they shouldn't drink, which in effectiveness, ranks right up there with vacuum brained Nancy Reagan's admonishment to "just say no to drugs" the only way to bring about effective lasting change, is you have to bring about sweeping changes in the current paradigm, this is not impossible, and as a matter of fact is totally necessary, since that is the ONLY way to bring about positive and permanent change, and that my friends, is the truth.

I remain, V.

To all fundamentalist a warning, subjugationest without care, change is coming, it's in the air!


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