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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Futuretro – the ‘balance of opposites’

Futuretro – the ‘balance of opposites’

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Futuretro is a UK-based artist known for creating interactive light sculptures.  These pieces are vibrantly coloured and come alive in front of the viewer: they can automatically change their shapes, patterns and colours.  Some light sculptures even respond to sound and music.  As the name suggests, the work combines the futuristic qualities of otherworldliness with retro characteristics of 1960′s art and architecture.  The pieces are fluid and are almost organic, reflecting the artist’s dedication to environmental sustainability.  Concerned with environmental impact of the work, Futuretro uses heat to sculpt discarded offcuts of acrylic.  Futuretro is a member of b-uncut and this week’s featured artist in the b-uncut “Special Exhibition” gallery.

b-uncut: What was your very first artwork?

Futuretro: I have been making art from a very early age, so my first artwork would have been created during a time of my life of which I have no conscious memory. My first artwork that I remember was a drawing of Superman with a back to front ‘S’ on his chest.

b-uncut: Describe the one you love the most—why?

Futuretro: All of my sculptures are important to me for different reasons, so the piece that I ‘love the most’ varies depending on how I’m feeling at the time.

b-uncut: What are your methods? Your inspirations?

Futuretro: My art is inspired by the natural world, my dreams and inner visions. Futuretro [pronounced future-retro] is my creative alias and it symbolises a harmonious ‘balance of opposites’. The general theme of my work is the flow and balance of energies. I like to express and share my energy by channelling it into my creations; they are physical representations of the energy that flows through my soul from the spirit realm. It is my aim to make unique, eye-catching sculptures for people to enjoy, in the hope of spreading positivity and raising awareness of the necessity for humans to live in harmony with nature.

b-uncut: What did it take to make it to where you are now?

Futuretro: Everything that I have done in my life so far.

b-uncut: You describe your sculptures as ‘interactive’. Can you explain how viewers interact with these pieces?

Futuretro: It is possible to interact with Futuretro light sculptures by changing their shapes, patterns and colours using various processes and technologies. Some of the light sculptures also have the additional interactive quality of being responsive to sound and music.  

b-uncut:  If you were to design the ultimate dinner party, what 5 artists (dead or alive) would you include for stimulating conversation?

Futuretro: Alex Grey, Chris Dyer, Pablo Amaringo, Banksy, Felix Thorn.

b-uncut: Your biggest (albeit endearing) flaw?

Futuretro: Living in another world, where my concept of time is different to most other people.

b-uncut: Your parents advice you should have followed, but didn’t?

Futuretro: I’ve always chosen my own paths and my parents have supported my decisions (mostly!)

b-uncut:  The superhero power you wish you had?

Futuretro: Time traveller.

b-uncut: The celebrity you’d like to meet?

Futuretro: David Attenborough.

b-uncut: Your least favourite interview question?

Futuretro: I like all questions.

b-uncut: Where do you see yourself in…

One month?

Futuretro: In my studio making art.

One year?

Futuretro: In my studio making more art.

One decade?

Futuretro: In a self-sustainable studio near a tropical ocean making art.

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